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Sarah Jayne Dogging In Public!

Here is cum slut Sarah Jayne loitering about Bobbington car park the local dogging hot spot, waiting for some horny geezer to stroll by. As it turn out Sarah doesn’t have long to wait, before you can say cum she has her slutty mouth round some blokes hard dick as he pokes it through the car window. After she has sucked on his massive tool Sarah lies across the bonnet of her car for this guy to fuck her wet and aching pussy hardcore. Things get even more exciting when they are disturbed by a car full of people driving by, i guess that’s what dogging in public is all about!

Teen Fuck Slut Exposes Herself.

UK Slut : Sarah Jayne
Location : Shrewsbury Town Centre

Teen slut Sarah Jayne met up with Willy and Justin after finishing a hard days shopping in Shrewsbury town centre. she had purchased some jangly bling from Argos and had managed to bag herself a cheap tacky outfit from Primark that she just loved to bits! The Chav Van guys asked if she wanted a ride home “you betcha”  she answered grinning cheekily, “but how much will it cost”? Willy replied “oh just give us a flash of your hot sexy bod and perhaps a bit of pussy poking and that should just about do it”. Sarah Jayne’s face lit up and wiggling her sexy butt she hopped into the back of the van. Our guys made their way out of town and into the countryside where they found a secluded lane, they pulled up and opened the van doors to feast their eyes on horny Sarah’s exposing her fabulous tits she then sits her drenched snatch on top of her dildo and fuck and fucks until her sex toy is dripping with cum! They sure don’t come any hornier than this teen fuck slut.