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Cameron Masturbates Behind The Museum.


UK Slut : Cameron Amor
Location : Black country museum

Willy and Justin were enjoying a day out at the famous Black Country Museum in the West Midlands when who should they bump into but their chav slut neighbour Cameron Amor from Chavley Court, who was looking really tasty in her tacky gear and bling, the tight little mini skirt she had on was hardly covering her pussy.Our chav van guys could tell that this oh so bored mom was after a little excitement. She signalled them to follow her round the back of the museum and low and behold there stood the chav van waiting. Hot mom Cameron hopped into the back of the van hitching up her skirt and flashing her snatch for all to see. Settling down on the makeshift bed this horny slut straight away begins rubbing and fingering her soaking wet twat, she moans and groans loudly as she masturbates herself to an astonishing  climax pussy juice running all down her fucking fingers. After she has done Cameron hops out of the van and heads off to continue her tour of the museum as if this sort of thing happen everyday, well, it probably does with this dirty chav fucker!